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Available in copper, zinc, and 31 standard PVDF-painted aluminum and steel colors, Firestone UC Roofing System Panels can be used with all Firestone Roofing Systems and Firestone ISO 95+ polyiso insulation. Firestone offers a wide selection of accessories for all metal roofing systems. Select UC Roofing System Panels are also backed by Firestone’s Red Shield Warranty coverage when used in an architectural application. 

Firestone UNA-CLAD UC-3 Roofing Panel is a factory formed double-lock, architectural standing seam metal roof panel that provides a traditional look and utilizes mechanical seaming to enhance design needs. With its proven high wind performance capabilities, UC-3 Roofing Panel can be curved and tapered and accommodate complex architectural geometry. 

Firestone UNA-CLAD UC-4 Roofing Panel is a patented self-locking, architectural standing seam metal roof panel that completely eliminates the need for clips. UC-4 Roofing Panel's unique integral fastening flange accommodates thermal movement, and its easy snap-together seam saves installation time and money. Firestone’s 25-year Millennium Warranty may be available for this system as well. 

Firestone UNA-CLAD UC-6 Double-Lock Standing Seam Roofing Panel utilizes the proven seaming process of Pittsburgh Locking in conjunction with the floating action of a concealed clip assembly. This design allows for expansion and contraction caused by natural elements to provide a virtually leak proof roof with exceptional uplift ratings. UC-6 Roofing Panels have the ability to span open purlins, please see non-warranted systems. 

The Firestone UNA-CLAD UC-14 Roofing Panel is a factory formed architectural standing seam metal roof panel with a proven 1 3/4" tall continuous interlocking seam that snaps together for ease of installation. The system uses a concealed clip fastening system for added protection and is able to accommodate very long panels and virtually unlimited thermal expansion. 

Access the links below for technical data about warranted UNA-CLAD UC Panels.

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